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Greendale Tailored Kitchen in Wisconsin

The original kitchen has a 1960s ranch-style where the finishes were outdated and mismatched. It also has a serious lack of counter space for Deb who loves to cook and bake. The new look of the kitchen is a result of Deb’s thorough research for design inspiration and ideas. A more efficient layout and updated finishes paved the way to Deb’s dream kitchen. The kitchen now has white color palette that includes the white painted transitional cabinets with full overlay doors and a pewter accent placed only on the edges for definition. The designer said that they added texture to make sure that the kitchen will not look boring and flat.On the same location of the previous range is a five-burner cooktop. A counter was also added to the right of the cooktop creating symmetry as well as more workspace. There are three large drawers and two cabinets below the cooktop which offers lots of storage. Dish towels and plastic wrap are added on the drawers, while the middle drawer is used for pots and pans storage. Meanwhile, a deep bottom drawer was included for large pots and casserole dishes. The left cabinet has a Lazy Susan which holds the blender, mixer and food processor.On the left, you can see a pullout spice rack in an upper cabinet which is within arm’s reach. This is a good way to stay away from clutter while storing everything you need for the kitchen. On the right photo, you can see the refrigerator with new wall ovens beside it. An arch lighted display shelf above the stainless French door refrigerator adds some place for decors. There are also pantry cabinets with pullouts to the left of the refrigerator.A big double-basin farmhouse sink was an expensive item in the kitchen. To pair with the sink, they used their old Moen faucet. For a finished look, molding details were added between the bottom of the sink and the top of the cabinets. The sink is heavy, that is why additional support was installed below the cabinet.The baking center counter to the left of the dishwasher was lowered for Deb’s usage. On this area, she could roll pie crusts and work on bread dough comfortably. “I love it because you can really lean into stuff with the lower counter,” she says. There is also an end cabinet on the side of the baking center where the microwave is added. On the upper glass-front cabinets, the dishware and glasses are being highlighted.The old kitchen has an eat-in breakfast table and a non-load-bearing wall that leads to a narrow and awkward hallway to the back door. The walls were removed to improve traffic flow in the kitchen. Casement windows were used instead of the old windows in the kitchen. The new kitchen has a raised eating bar that replaced the old breakfast table. The window by the breakfast table was removed. To add more natural light to the area and give a good view of the backyard, a horizontal window was installed to the right of the location of the original window. Meanwhile, a decorative window insert with a storm door on the outside was added to the new back door which is already part of the kitchen.In this old floor plan, you can see that the kitchen shows the lack of counters and general workspace and that the round breakfast table and awkward hallway were taking up space. On the new floor plan, you can see that it has a better layout that is user-friendly with extended countertops as well as lots of storage options and a new eating bar.

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Modern Minimal Design of Vela Aluminum Lamp

      A bulb is added in the soldered cylindrical shell that also doubles as a stand. Beautiful and really modern really! )       To bring the wire into the lamp, just a really small hole has been cut out of it.   The procedure photo to produce the lamp is shown here.   And these two things are the only two elements for your lamp. Obviously, remember the bulb! This one is a newspaper version of the lamp. Looked great that way ? However, it seemed better when produced from aluminum!

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Perfect Escape in Your Own Backyard

The studio is regarded as a ideal place for disconnecting, studying, meditating, as well as sleeping immediately, the cabin’s merely missing detail is there is no bathroom, but the total Brooklyn townhouse is only steps away. It does not require a bathroom or some kitchen because it is only a couple of steps away in the townhouse that is the primary home. Plus it’s power also so you are able to do particular activities while in there. The studio might be small however, it’s particular purposes you won’t anticipate. A skylight is additional that allows lots of natural light to the space. Made of wood, it’s an attractive design that appears modern. It retained the feel of wood rather than painting it. Small windows are observed in that the studio that gives opinions to this backyard. It utilized white paint to the inside to make it seem brighter. You can even sleep in the drop that makes them feel just like getting camping. Or if you would like some alone time, then you are able to spend a night . Together with the guy inside we’re given an notion of the way small that the space actually is although the small region, a few decors were inserted just like the plants and that the wall art. A long rectangular window has been put on one of those facades, allowing a few perspectives of this garden and principal property. This cabin utilizes vertical wooden boards and comes with an inclined roof which is half planted/half skylight. Found here is the cross section of this garden studio. It is really a small space but it may already offer anything you want to break, sleep and live. During this floor program, you may even find the main home which is only a couple of steps in the garden studio.

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Sophisticated Clamp Pendant Light with Upholstered Design

Who would expect that even a lighting can be upholstered like this one? It sure is lovely, isn’t it? The exterior exposes a stunning upholstery work with some deep buttons in it.        It made use of soft and first quality leather which are usually used for clothing. This material could stretch perfectly. The lighting comes in two colors: black and white.  The interior of the light has a smooth finish that adds elegance to the piece.Perfect type of material was use that could fit the radius of the hemispheric surface.  The rhombus design and buttons are indeed a plus to this item!

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An Australia Home Split into Two

The Two Halves House is located on Silverwattle Drive. It is divided into two pavilions of exactly the same size. Its upper-level pavilion contains sleeping areas while the lower level houses the kitchen, dining, living spaces, and garage.Seen here is the living room of the house which features a light gray sofawith throw pillows in pink and blue. The space also has an area rug that defines the center part where two wooden tables are placed. Notice also that the fireplace is placed on top of a shelf. Below that is a storage for firewood. There is also a purpose-built, low-set bench seat that runs around the room. This provides a space for guests for casual seating.The living room has a tall glass window that brings natural light into the space. One can see the beauty of the outdoor surrounding through the window.In the interior, it used light-toned birch ply for the walls and ceilings. Custom-designed steel and Paperock island bench reflect the angles of the split form. The interior also features a raked ceiling and skylight that encourages anyone who sees it to look up. Seen here is the entryway which is a few steps lower than the front door. You can get a glimpse of the low bench that runs through the space as well as the tall windows that make the house bright. The kitchen has plenty of space since it is designed as a communal zone. It features a large black island with seating that matches with the black countertop, backsplash and shelving. The kitchen uses the same materials as the other areas of the house. There is a good contrast between the kitchen island and the cabinets. It is also bright because of the glass doors and windows in it. Next to the kitchen is a set of stairs that lead to the second half of the home. When one gets to the other half, it has two doors wherein one opens to the bathroom while the other one is for the bedroom. Seen here is the bedroom of the house. Although it remained neutral in terms of color, a pop of blue is added to it. Also in the bedroom, this one shows a floor-to-ceiling cabinet where the owners can keep their personal belongings like clothes. It has a lighter shade of blue to add more life to the bedroom. Like the living room, the bedroom also has a tall window that brings natural light into the space. The bathroom of the house used black ceramic tiles for the flooring and walls. The designer opted to use white floating cabinet and bathtub to balance the look. Like the previous space, this one also has a tall glass window. The two forms of the house are offset and are separated far enough so that they don’t overshadow each other. When you look at it, it appears like two different houses in the same area. The material palette of the house is minimal and raw from the outside. However, it is warm and refined on the inside. The exterior used naturally fire-resistant Blackbutt for its cladding and windows.

Living Room Decor and Makeover

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Designs


1. )
Light hardwood floors stream from room into room to the initial level of the home. You might even see it utilized oil-rubbed bronze lighting fixtures which add a feeling of eclectic elegance into the farmhouse setting.

2. )
A sizable farmhouse living room with white walls, mild wood floors, and a concrete fireplace surround. The wooden coffee table, in addition to the chandelier, attracted some farmhouse appeal to the space.

Initially, you are only going to find a modern living room however since you see the natural components in it enjoy the stone walls and the wooden coffee table, it is possible to observe the farmhouse attributes in it also.

4. )
This living room made use of limestone fireplace and ebonized walnut cabinetry. Enjoy this inside turned out with distinct colors in it!

5. )
The wall color adopts the modern-matches -country living room. This space has significantly more farmhouse attributes than modern ones. But in allit will look nice!

6. )
The modern classic appearance of the living space combines involving the modern farmhouse and modern organic appearance. It blended a custom made table using an antique mirror and contrasting bits )

7. )
The colors in that living room are extremely relaxing and inviting at precisely the exact same moment. It is a fantastic idea to include plants in here that gives it a refreshing texture.

8. )
Though according to a classic theory, the home includes a definite modern bent. It sports the vintage California linen flag, framed postcards around the mantel are out of a memorable excursion, open shelves, and a triangular coffee table.

The wooden beams deliver a farmhouse style into the home. However, the modern sofas add ease to the space. Also observe the light fixture, the final dining table, and that the open shelves.

It is also possible to see it has arc windows on either side that give it a subtle classic touch)

This modern farmhouse living room utilized a mixture of light oak walls, white shiplap ceiling and rustic beam using a black contrast. Really like the colors of this throw pillow covers in here!

12. Builder Magazines 2016 International Builders Show Home

With one look, you can find the farmhouse texture from its own beams and that leather couch. And needless to say, there are lots of modern objects in here that made it cozier.

13. Inverness

A sizable trendy formal open theory living room using a concrete fireplace surround, white walls, and moderate tone wood floors. All around it is French windows which permit the entrance of natural lighting right into it.

14. Schoolhouse Renovation into Modern Farmhouse

Found here is a sizable modern farmhouse living room with white walls and concrete floors. It utilized a mixture of white and wooden components. Is not it nice the space home the kitchen and living place in one?

15. Hamptons Modern Farmhouse

This living room includes a wooden wall and a industrial farmhouse feel. However you can find also modern attributes in it enjoy the chair with geometric patterns.

16. Modern Farmhouse Living Room

This space also has a country texture with gray walls, dark wood floors, a normal fireplace and that a stone fireplace surround.

17. Healdsburg Residence

The owners of the house were searching for something more than the usual modern farmhouse. They wanted to include touches of glamour and industrial layout. With this, the architect allow black metal tie rods visible as a practical and decorative detail.

18. Rustic Modern Farmhouse

Bi-folding glass doorways open up to bring the outside to this formal open theory living room. The wooden wall round the fireplace is a fine farmhouse component in that home.

19. Modern Farmhouse Seattle

This table attracts in a powerful farmhouse texture in that the living region with modern furniture. The region is characterized with an area rug with natural color that is a fantastic comparison with the dark colored chairs.

20. Westover Residence

A recently raised ceiling provides a feeling of volume into the home. It is possible to observe it utilized exposed tie sticks which adds architectural interest to the space.

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Enchanting and Stylish Interiors of the Villa Rocha in Hong Kong

Stunning lamps hanged in the dining table is very effective to reveal its luxurious style.Fabulous boldness display from the black colored lamps and curved in the lamps and sofa. Attractive display of the appliances and decors are effectively utilized in the interior. The patterns from the wooden floor harmonize with the different style and colors of these chairs in this round table. Colorful palette and patterns in the house in the living space expose its elegance and charm. Soft and comfy sofa in this area is highlighted with this green plant in the center table.Remarkable textures and patterns are displayed in this wall art that adds sophistication in the house. Flawless cabinets in the kitchen speak of contemporary and hygienic concept.Spacious and well-lighted living space emphasized its modern and charming qualities.Beige and wooden brown color of this bedroom maintains its comfort and stress-free area in the house.Curves and soft effect of the color and its lines highlighted its warm and comfort.Amazing and stress free experience may certainly feel in this bedroom, right? Spacious walk-in closet is also available for the client to arrange his clothing respectively.Take a glimpse of this modern and exceptional view of the powder area in the bathroom. Modern design and style of these two mirrors set in the powder area underlines the neat and clean fixtures.

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Extraordinary and Flawless House Design of the Villa T in Ital

Here’s the two-storey house in the middle of this huge landscape that ensures sustainable elements especially during daytime.    T-shaped building of this house is best viewed from this rich and green landscape in the surroundings.Lines and volumes skillfully illustrate the elegance of the house building. Dark brown color sofa perfectly matches with the white chairs and wooden floors in the living space.Here’s the incredible design and style of the stairs that improves the look of the interior. Looking closely at this staircase, you may see the durable wooden materials utilized here that make this house sustainable.From here, you may also view the second floor of the house. The spacious living space provides a comfortable and cozy zone. Here’s the round and white table set that complements with this red and stainless kitchen space.  See the trendy and efficient fixtures utilized in the kitchen sink that shows hygienic space in the house. From the second level of the house, the client may still take the full advantage of the important areas in the first floor for its glazed frame. You may perceive how big this house is from the different spacious areas in the exterior.When night comes, the interior’s light makes this house visible because of its glazed walls and windows.Volumes and geometrical shape of the house simple but yet amazing house design is presented here in the middle of this landscape are emphasized here.      A very simple but yet an amazing house design is perfectly presented here which is surrounded by the outstanding landscape design.    Let us carefully observed how these vivid lights underline the elegance and unique structure of the house building.      A very huge space for the backyard as well as the garden is enough to keep the remarkable design of the house.

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Sophisticated Architectural Design of Brighton Home in Australia

  The facade of the house is defined by clean lines and shapes that is made from concrete and glass.   The designer wanted to have a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces separated by a glass wall.  The garage is centrally located on the ground floor which has an inimitable design that get the most out of on the corner site.  The entrance has a gallery style walk way where you can display artworks or paintings as wall decor.   The sleek wood flooring of the entrance hallway gives an inviting presentation while the glass walls permit a day and night view from the garden with a pond.  The living room looks formal, a very soothing place for your guests/visitors.    To allow more natural light inside the room it was a better idea to install glasses for walls.  The family room elegantly is furnished with home theater appliances for a more enjoyable bonding time of the family.  The dining room is situated in a place where it can be easily accessed from the outdoor space so that in time of gathering it would not be hard to connect. The kitchen looks neat with the use of marble for the kitchen island. And also the glass backsplash adds a sleek effect on the area.This is the home office. It is an organized place with proper installation of shelves. The master bedroom looks very elegant all though simple appliances are incorporated.    Of course, a closet would not be forgotten inside your homes. It helps you to be more organized with your stuff and things.     The master bath is very spacious, and surely will be a functional space for everybody.  The shower area is separated with a glass, but still provides an ample space for use.This is area will be seen along the entry. The reason why glass walls are installed is to enjoy the view that the garden offer.   The swimming pool is situated at the left corner of the house. It is then isolated with glass fence but it still connects with other outdoor space.   The timber deck is spacious perfect during gatherings or occasions. It offers a grand effect that fits accordingly with the design of the outdoor.

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An Architect’s Passion, A Homeowner’s Aspiration

This is the entry frontage of the house. Sandstone walls, adjustable timber screens that allow the northern sun to filter into the house, steel and concrete slabs are the dominant features of the house frontage. A wooden door opens the place to its indoor space, while, lush of green landscape surround the place. The tropical garden is a characteristic on most houses in Hunters Hill that is already part of their custom. The back side of the house is facing Hunters Hill river plot view. From its outdoor space at the back side of the house, the unobstructed view from the river plot view is achieved, and, it is the very reason on why this outdoor space is open to its fullest through floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Also, a veranda is available to cater more outdoor spaces. An Australian living of great outdoor experience. Other than the scenic view and lush garden landscape from this point, this space is great for outdoor home experience. Amenities such as outdoor dining, barbeque grill, and pizza oven were added for a great outdoor stay. Another great outdoor amenities of this house are this swimming pool. The simple terraces and roof lines of the house give a contrasting feature to this posh swimming pool. For continuous flow and easy access to the different parts of the house, an open planned living room is designed. Oversized windows were concealed in the wall cavity behind the stonework and cabinetry to its left, with this design, the living room looks more spacious and relaxing with its open space to the house, the terrace and the landscape beyond. Timber, stones and glass railings, these three main materials looks great and in good strength for this covered balcony. A lush tropical garden is in the view from the balcony. Slatted timber screens allow the river breeze to filter the indoors.Stone and timber look good together as seen from this photo of the house kitchen. Wood table, gray bench top, white kitchen top and wood cabinetry complement the whole kitchen space. Chic black pendant lights emit a warm glow in the place. From the entry hall to the main living room of the house, a top hung wooden sliding door glides out of the wall cavity to close off a fluid passage. This door when open is completely hidden, yet, when closed, this separates the open living room from the rest of the house.The sliding door provides entry to the stair of the house leading to its upper floor. This glass and timber combined stair provide an uplifting experience. To its left is a French stonemasonry’s recycled sandstone walls. This master bedroom is in its perfect symmetry, while the client skillfully managed their brief, the consultants, and builder in a balanced pair. White ceiling provides a wider space for the room and two pendant lights give off a warm glow in the room, so fitting for a good night rest. This sticks and stone house is designed with a basement. Under it is a car parking, home theatre, workshop area and a wine cellar. This is the custom designed private wine cellar. The centerfold of this wine cellar is a barrel that looks classic and at ease in this calm wine cellar space. While pendant lights and its cognac glass color best fit for a wine cellar.